New orders for additional cremation lines in the crematoria of Osterburken and Lörrrach

With the orders for two complete additional cremation lines in the crematoria of Osterburken and Lörrrach Ruppmann has enlarged his marketing position in Baden-Württemberg. It is a confirmation for good installations in the past as well as for competent maintenance and service over many years.

New designed precious metal recycling incinerator for NOBRA GmbH

Due to high customer satisfaction with the former installation (2011) of two double incineration systems for precious metal containing residues each consisting of an incinerator and a downstream flue gas treatment system acc. to 17th BImSchV Ruppmann has installed and taken into operation in 2014 an new designed enlarged double incinerator equipped with four instead of two apertures. This new incineration system, which was installed in Rippershausen (Germany), too, runs very satisfactorily so that we have received a further order by NOBRA GmbH for an additional double incineration line, which is in operation since July 2015.

Photo by Ruppmann

New flatbed cremator in the crematorium of Bad Vöslau (Austria) in successful operation

With a new designed flatbed cremator, Ruppmann has expanded his cremation portfolio on cremation technology. This type of flatbed cremator can be placed together with well-proven components for flue gas treatment on a common foundation plate. An additional floor is not necessary. The underfloor design for the coffin feeding equipment allows many creative variances for the arrangement of the coffin feeding room with respect to farewell by the family. Of course the system is designed to comply with the environmental requirements and high operational standards.

Photo by Mr. Lagrange, Crematorium of Bad Vöslau