Human cremation

Cremation is recognised by most of the world's Public Health Authorities as the most hygienic method of disposing of a corpse. Increased awareness of health and environmental issues has meant that the proportion of funerals employing cremation has significantly increased over the last few years.


Besides the aspects of environmental protection which is regulated in Germany by the Emission Guidelines, the so-called "27. BImSchV - Bundes-Immissionsschutz-Verordnung", technical regulations for the design and operation of crematoria were developed and manifested in "VDI-Richtlinie 3891". These technical regulations were revised in a working group of the VDI-DIN under the lead of Dr. Gebhard Schetter from RUPPMANN in order to recognise crematoria not only as a technical installation but also as a "place of farewell".


RUPPMANN accepts these prospective challenges.


By applying fundamental knowledge in the design of crematoria and use of well-proven technical components we are able to provide our clients with optimised solutions.