Odenwald-Chemie GmbH Neckarsteinach

Odenwald-Chemie GmbH, Neckarsteinach

Construction of a prototype for the thermal utilization of production residues with a high calorific value.

For the production of saturated steam (10 bar), residues from the production of foam moldings, sealants, plastics and other plastic parts of high caloric polyurethane and polyethylene should be used.


  • The used RP14-165 / 2-2 incinerator is constructed for a nominal heat input of 1 MW.
  • The system is constructed in accordance with the requirements of 17. BImSchV.
  • The feed takes place in batch mode.
  • For steam generation a waste heat boiler with steam storage is used.

Overview with incinerator, steam boiler, chimney, additive dosing, feedwater boiler with water processing

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The production waste is fed batchwise with a transport system to the incinerator over a temperature-controlled lock system.

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Grate ash is pushed cyclically into the ash shaft with the aid of a tappet system.

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For flue gas cleaning, the entrained flow process is used. For this purpose, the additive is fed to the flue gas via a big-bag metering station.