Nobra GmbH Rippershausen

Nobra GmbH, Rippershausen

Realization of a total of 4 double incineration plants in several expansion stages

Three installed 3 GE III D / 06-1 double incinerator units are used for mineralization of 2 x 30 kg / h of dross. The loading and removal of the mineral residues is carried out via a respective furnace pusher.

For greater flexibility, a GR IV-D2_06-2 double incinerator was installed. Each main combustion chamber has one door each at the front and back that this object can be used as a continuous furnace.

All systems are approved according to the 17th Ordinance of the Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz (17th BImSchV).

Heat use:
Partial secondary-side heat extraction for heating purpose.

Flue gas cleaning:
Tissue filter with fixed bed adsorber

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Double dross incinerator

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Dry cooling system with chimney system