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Krematorium Bad Vöslau GmbH

Krematorium Bad Vöslau GmbH, Bad Vöslau

New construction of two cremation lines with flat bed furnance type 070/FB


  • This flat bed incinerator type does not require a mezzanine floor compared to other systems, but can be planned into a single-storey building.
  • The incinerator is filled with a coffin insertion machine that is completely integrated into the floor, which enables a unrestricted design of the incinerator anteroom. At the same time, it serves to ergonomically take over the coffins from the transport trolleys.

Heat use:
Secondary heat extraction for heating purposes

Flue gas cleaning:
Tissue filter with entrained flow process

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The flat bed incinerator allows installation in a single-storey building. Only the coffin insertion system and the underfloor canal are accommodated in a foundation pan.