Bestattung Kärnten GmbH Villach

Bestattung Kärnten GmbH, Villach

New construction of a second cremation line with multi stage incinerator type 071/9-4


  • Compared with the 27th BImSchV, stricter emission requirements are met by a mercury limit value of 0.05 mg / m³ to be complied with.
  • The system was installed in an extension with limited available space through a building width of only 5 m.

Heat use:
Secondary heat extraction for heating purposes

Flue gas cleaning
Tissue filter with fixed bed adsorber

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By using a fixed bed adsorber, the emission limit for mercury can be safely met.

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The slim construction of the exhaust gas heat exchanger accommodates the limited space available.

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Despite the narrow technical room, the system components could also be optimally placed taking into account the accessibility required for maintenance purposes.