Trust creates value


Ruppmann manufactures high quality and safe incineration systems. Every single system is unique, because each system is constructed, built and handed over exactly to the requirements of each customer.

Incineration system engineering at Ruppmann means for you:

An Incineration technology

  • The RUPPMANN incineration technology is as complex as necessary. But as reduced as possible – only in this way can the numerous advantages of modern technology be tapped to the benefit of the customer. This saves both unnecessary material costs and unnecessary use of machines or manpower, thereby guaranteeing an appropriate investment.
  • The erection is carried out exclusively by qualified masonry masons, who were previously trained for many years intensively on our specific incinerator construction.
  • that always undergoes its consistent development in accordance with the engineering findings.

A flue gas cooling system

You will receive a flue gas cooling system, that fits perfectly to your incineration techonology. This means for you:

  • that we adapt the flue gas heat exchanger exactly to the chemical properties. This makes them durable and they are staying clean for a longer time.
  • That even in highly dynamic incineration processes, the heat thereby incurred is always safely and reliably dissipated.
  • that we can effectively provide heat for purposes of heating or as drive heat for air conditioning tasks.

A flue gas cleaning system

  • The flue gas cleaning at RUPPMANN even meets and exceeds the required specification – no matter if its of the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), of the Austrian Immission Control Act (IG-L), of the Swiss Air Pollution Control Ordinance (LRV), and / or the VDI Guidelines 3890 and 3891. There is a suitable flue gas cleaning system for almost every application.

A control technique

  • We use a control technique, based on the latest SIEMENS-technology, which got developed for many decades and is considered absolutely dependable and proven. Automation as you wish and as the technical process requires.