Trust creates value


In a first concept, we formulate and test your project idea in different ways. A particular focus is on reviewing technical and economic feasibility on the basis of possible financing plans.

To ensure that all your requirements are met congruently for plant construction, we first determine the exact frame conditions for your project. The focus is on decisive parameters:

  • Input material (material to be burned or mineralized)
  • Throughput
  • Environmental norms
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Level of automation
  • Aesthetic claims (for example: Crematorium)

During the complete construction project, you receive comprehensive and professional assistance with approval planning. Ruppmann brings decades of experience into play here. Thus, you can go with complete confidence in your construction project. Support for approval planning covers the following areas:

  • Support for government appointments
  • Technical presentations to decision-making bodies
  • Addition of required technical documents to the application for approval

Both, the individual and overall performance of your system must be designed precisely. Corresponding components and technical features are captured by Ruppmann Engineering:

  • Furnance size, design to comply with the respective (federal) immission control regulations
  • Selection of material (for example against thermal and chemical attack)
  • Calculation of flue gas cooling and waste heat use
  • Selection of the appropriate flue gas cleaning system with filter area determination
  • Selection of the necessary technical devices (drives and sensors) and their properties
  • Definition of the safety-related concept
  • Definition of the human-machine interface

The exact planning of your project also includes the capturing of the spatial and local conditions. For this, Ruppmann creates a complete installation concept:

  • Creation of foundation plans
  • Creation of load information
  • Disposition of the plant components in consideration of the operational processes and ergonomic aspects
  • Conception is realized with the latest 3D technology

The overall conceot is focused. Here, Ruppmann also includes the details, which at first glance may not have much to do with your object. But so, it is possible, that you get everything from one source. This is part of the professional solution:

  • Construction
  • Planning of the control cabinet
  • Development of the control concept
  • Creation of a safety concept with risk assessment according to DIN EN 12100

3D-Graphic ASP Eugendorf

Ruppmann is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. This guarantees that all connected processes are subject to strict quality assurance. Of course, relevant, harmonizing standards for the fulfillment of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC are consistently applied. This is safe quality that creates value and trust.
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