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Special incineration plants

Special incineration means for us:

Elimination of environmental or health risks by dint of incineration

There are many waste materials with specific pollutions such as e.g. clinic waste with the pathogenic germs. These substances contained therein represent a considerable risk potential for humans and the environment. Therefore, such waste must be subjected to a thermal treatment prior to landfilling in order, for example, to convert

  • hospital waste
  • residues subject to the Narcotics Act (BtMG)
  • slightly nuclear waste

into mineralized residues under defined process conditions.

For peripheral applications, such as in hospitals, the incinerators from our RE compact range are ideal for a waste throughput of up to 150 kg / h. The construction of these incinerators conforms to the requirements of the 17 BImSchV, so that they can be linked to additional components of the flue gas treatment, depending on local requirements, in order to realize an overall system that meets the highest environmental standards.

Special incineration plants

Depending on the general conditions and size, the incinerators can be placed in standard containers, so that they can also be used for mobile solutions.

Thermal utilization of production residues

In many industrial processes residues with high calorific value are incurring, which must be disposed of with great effort. If at the same time a high energy requirement for heating or process heat has to be covered, thermal waste recycling should be considered. Ask us!