Trust creates value



Your special project, you as a customer take centre stage- at any time. We include your personal concerns in the planning, but also in the after-sales service during the realization. Because just after completion of your system, you can rely on competent support, maintenance and possibly repair. Only carefully trained personnel fulfill this task so that you as a customer can be completely satisfied. You will receive support as a customer in these areas:

  • Inspection and maintenance replacement of small wear parts
  • Predictive identification of repair measures (you will not experience any nasty surprises)
  • Post mortem analysis / diagnostics assistance (95% of all causes of malfunction can be remedied by remote maintenance and telephone instructions to the operating staff (you will achieve significant cost savings))
  • Implementation of control technology special requests
  • Adaptation of control parameters
  • Operational evaluation of emission reports
  • Can be planned by timely identification of the demands within the scope of the maintenance work
  • Preparation of emission reports for the authority
  • Personnel training and instructions