Trust creates value


Your project is realized. Now we stand for project management, classic monitoring tasks, schedule and cost control, supervision of construction work including quality control. After the installation of your plant, we will reliably accompany the commissioning and trial operation.

In the run-up, Ruppmann makes a significant contribution to ensuring that the highest quality and on-time delivery are achieved. Delivery specifications are carefully compiled and tracked prior to procurement:

  • Determination of refractory materials (according to the procedural task)
  • Supplier selection

Only reliable and proven suppliers are involved in the implementation of your system at Ruppmann. You can be sure to get the highest quality. To ensure the highest standards of procurement, the following measures are regularly carried out:

  • Quality controls
  • Factory approvals of subsystems

Only intensively trained and experienced personnel undertake the assembly – especially the construction of the incineration systems. Essentially, Ruppmann’s assembly consists of the following sections:

  • Building side equipment
  • Incinerator construction (on site or in the factory) according to the relevant technical rules
  • Erection of system components such as flue gas cooling and cleaning systems
  • Pipe installation
  • Isolation
  • Cabling

Ruppmann Assembly

In order to coordinate the smooth and timely execution of all trades on the construction site, Ruppmann of course coordinates the interaction among the subcontractors so that they can work together effectively and reliably. These include:

  • Interface coordination
  • Arrengements of dates
  • Quality and progress control

At Ruppmann, process control is an fundamental part of a comprehensive and well-proven safety strategy that protects the body, life and property – but also minimizes disruption and breakdowns. This includes:

  • Safety devices to protect the operating personnel
  • Safety devices to protect the system and its components
  • Process control for compliance with the licensing requirements, particulary the emission limit values

After completion of the installation, the system is put into operation, which consists of several phases:

  • Cold commissioning
    All actuators (drives) and sensors are first checked for their correct function. All control processes and regulations are prepared for later hot commissioning.
  • Dry heat
    In this phase, the burners are started for the first time and initially set to emission-free operation. In the immediate connection, the incinerator is dry-heated and monitored according to a precisely predetermined temperature-time curve. In this process, hydraulic bonding forces are replaced by ceramic bonding forces in the furnace lining, giving the furnace its full strength.
  • Hot commissioning
    Now the incinerator is equipped with the intended input and the fine adjustment of the control and regulation parameters takes place. Your operating staff is up close and gets to know the system well before the final briefing. The operation of the plant is thus placed fluently in your hands until acceptance.

According to our quality management, the corresponding processes are monitored during all phases of the realisation. There is a constant monitoring on the actual target deviation so that you get a perfect result. That creates trust!

Ruppmann Realization